Were you a 4636 volunteer?

Were you a volunteer at Mission 4636? Even if you just helped once for a few hours, you made a big difference!

A lot of us would like to know more about each other! If you would like to share information about yourself you can add a comment to this page, and if you like, a photo too. Feel free to share whatever you like – your name, where you live, how you found Mission 4636, what it meant to you to help, and/or anything else you would like to add.

You can also join us on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=263146784203. If you don’t want to share your details but would like to remain updated, you can always email us directly (rmunro@stanford.edu) – if nothing else, we would simply like the chance to thank you for being a part of Mission 4636.

4 replies on “Were you a 4636 volunteer?”

  1. Karine says:


    My name is Karine. I have volunteered with 4636 whenever I can since almost the beginning. I’m French-Canadian (or Québécoise if you prefer) born to Haitian parents from Port-auPrince and Le Cap. Créole and French are the labguages I grew up with. I work as a full-time English/French translator in my regular life and never in my life, until now, have I felt so blessed to use my profesionnal skills to help people in need. Of course, the opportunities to help Haiti abound so while I help here I also take part in the help Haiti projects taking part in my locality. I have met some wonderful people here at 4636 and hope not only to help but to build lasting friendships with other Haitians and 4636 volunteers.

  2. Ronny Respe says:

    Bonjou et Respe!!! My name is Ronny. I am from Sin City, Nevada AKA Vegas! I have volunteered with 4636 since the beginning. I am an American who speaks French fluently due to my time spent in Belgium and France . (My Creole is not bad as well thanks to this project) I wanted to make a difference to the Haitian people and humanity so I joined the cause. As I knew my language skills could be used, I searched everywhere on the web to use my skills, and I found mission 4636. This mission has made such a huge impact on my life and the life of others. Knowing that myself and my colleagues were saving lives everyday, was worth every minute of our work. I am sure that I am speaking for everyone of my soul brothers and sisters who spend endless days and nights translating. How could I go to sleep at night knowing I have a roof over my head, food in my fridge, and a loving family next to me without helping.? I love each and everyone of you who worked with me on this project. I wish the people of Haiti love, respect, and courage!! You will make it through this my Haitian brothers and sisters. Respe toujours…

  3. Fred Michel says:

    Hi everybody,

    I am Fred (Apo). I started with mission 4636 a few days after the earthquake. I can say it was one of the most memorable experience I had in my whole life. It’s so great to see so many people, from different backgrounds, cultures, countries, come together to help the Haitian people. I met amazing people: Ronny, Jimi, Robert, Sarah, Jackie, Ronald, Marc, Steve and much more…some of them did not even speak creole or never been in Haiti before Those people spent hours here, day and night…translating creole messages and Geo locating places on the Haitian map. It was really a blessing to work with all of them. Their devotion, care and kind words kept me going.

    God bless you all :)

  4. Steve Michel says:

    Hi everyone,

    It was really (and still is)something special to have participated in this great project. It gives me great hope to know 4636 works and can help solve many problems worldwide. I met some great people and many got to know me. Rob, Ronny, Fred, Jimi and Sarah and many others..in the chat room. Even my aunts and mother pitched in to translate. My kreyol was rusty but we helped each other well! and it was a privilege to have helped. There was never any doubt in my mind about the importance of what we were doing. Ushahidi 4636 is the answer to many questions we have yet to ask.

    kind regards

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