Some positive feedback

Clark Craig of the Marine Corps: “I cannot overemphasize to you what the work of the Ushahidi/Haiti has provided. It is saving lives every day. I wish I had time to document to you every example, but there are too many and our operation is moving too fast. […] I say with confidence that there are 100s of these kinds of [success] stories. The Marine Corps is using your project every second of the day to get aid and assistance to the people that need it most. […] Keep up the good work! You are making the biggest difference of anything I have seen out there in the open source world.”

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: “The technology community has set up interactive maps to help us identify needs and target resources. And on Monday, a seven-year-old girl and two women were pulled from the rubble of a collapsed supermarket by an American search-and-rescue team after they sent a text message calling for help.” (Clinton did not specifically refer to 4636 but we were the only such service)

Lieutenant General Blum, 2nd in command at NORTHCOM: “You are doing a remarkable job. We all need to learn from you.” LtGen Blum changed his schedule to personally visit the Ushahidi-Haiti Situation Room at Tufts University. He gave “Awarded for Excellence” coins to all present.

Craig Fulgate, FEMA Task Force: “[The] Crisis Map of Haiti represents the most comprehensive and up-to-date map available to the humanitarian community.”

[Name not public], FEMA Task Force: “No matter what anyone else tells you, don’t stop mapping, you are saving lives.” (Conference call to Ushahidi).

Daniel Friedman, Office of Coordinator for Reconstruction & Stabilization, US State Department: “Just wanted to thank you guys and let you know I’ve found your mapping to be really helpful to what I’m trying to do here.”

[Name not public], Office of US Foreign Disaster Assistance, (OFDA) at USAID: “Your work has not only been a) inspiring, but also b) incredibly helpful to so many in this relief effort. Incredibly grateful for all you do.”

The 22 Marine Expeditionary Unit: “We had data on an area outside of Grand Goave needing help. Today, we sent an assessment team out there to validate their needs and everything checked out. While the team was out there, they found two old women and a young girl with serious injuries from the earthquake; one of the women had critical respiratory issues. They were evacuated.”

The 22 Marine Expeditionary Unit: “Based off some information that we received from Ushahidi, we inserted the recon platoon this morning to check out a remote village that was listed in some of the blogs. We are now in the process of medevacing two local nationals who would not have received medical treatment in time for life or limb had we not found them.”

Roz Sewell, of Mission 4636: “We also know that two days ago the World Food Program delivered food to an informal camp of 2500 people, having yet to receive food or water, in Diquini to a location that Ushahidi had identified for them.” Roz herself wrote this blog post on one of her success stories.